unLIMITed performance


performed by: RH+

choreography:   Hyun Kim

art direction:  Renata Škobo

video:  Temporary Space Design

music:  Tomasz Mlynarski 

mix:   Lisi 

"Our limits are unlimited. Our connection is unlimited. Cross our border, cross our difference, stay connected. Cross the limit and stay UNLIMITED."

"unLIMITed" is a multicultural and international form of performance. It uses symbols and meanings understandable for the majority of the spectators. The audience discovers two personalities which seem to be totally different because of their nationalities and background (european and asian), their faces, emotions and movement. On the  other hand, these two, are breaking the conventional rules and social influences by showing how similiar in fact they can be. Concept of unLIMITed is inspired by the problematic of social community –  is there any mental or physical border between people who are from different countries, environments, social and cultural circles? Is it possible to keep the differences and find common way of communication and balance in the relation? How can we overcome these limits which are created on social, cultural and political level? The story of unLIMITed is strongly connected with the topic of interpersonal relations: crossing personal limits, breaking stereothypes, exercising control etc. UnLIMITed is a performance which combines four different means of expression – movement, live music, visual art and vocal.  The music is a strong, integral element of this project. Simplicity of movement, connection with images, sound and voice give to the audience a strong visual effect and opportunity to immerse into the story.